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Wednesday, 29. December 2010

Emotional than women, men always quick update!
By life1, 03:32

Emotional than women, men always quick update!
Sarkozy, Bruni and Cecilia story of Australia: ex-wife decided over 11 years of marriage, but soon, with the ex-wife met a man quite similar to the woman and more challenging, 3 months later they got married. And then? No one knows then. Can determine only that the president's love is very efficient, effective to the ex-wife left him with the old lover have not had time to determine the date of marriage, he has quickly escalated into a new girlfriend, his new wife.
The rate of men is always emotional updated faster than women
Why are men more likely than women to find new love? Asked 10 male friends, at least eight of the answer will make you more sure of this fact: the physical needs of man than a woman already.
In the issue of a new relationship, the attitude of men to women than the much more decisive. To Mr Sarkozy, for example,Bmw GT1|diagnostic tool|auto diagnostic tools|Programmer and Chips |Auto Testing Tools|Transponder Key|Tire Pressure Monitoring System|Original ICC IMMO Calculator| whether it is love at first sight in his wedding his ex-wife, or with a "who eat men," said Bruni got married, are sufficient to show, this country has the world's most romantic men, the highest authority It is a real radical adventurers.
Oscar Wilde said, they do not fall in love with her man to get along with any one woman will be very happy. Your honest male friends will tell you the cause of this pleasure: Searching for psychological cause trouble because they for any unknown female body has a desire.
Abandoned when they were lovers, the love of endorphins produced in the process began to disappear, to be deprived of comfort, quiet sense of destruction, pain and anxiety follow.
At this point, adventure and emotion to become a soothing way to transfer. In this case, even if a woman is not the Empress Dowager, he can also be a Treasure Island. And if the level of the natural event of a supermodel stunner? Mr. President, simply stepped into the legend of the Magic Mountain.
Man's love is more efficient?
"Efficient men than women. Broke up, the men will be friends and go to the bar that night and found a new girlfriend, maybe just one day; while women will follow companion complained that this process requires at least a few days, obviously more time to waste." A Friends of the answers for investment banks the opportunity cost of doing so I immediately understood why.
Men and women are two friends, who also met with each other after a sudden flash, the reaction different: male friends in less than a week, in unexpected public places, has a new girlfriend; while women friends in Zhongjie Mei long comfort over a month after the meeting about the only topic remains: "Why would he say that on msn?"
The men will say: "we reason," "us stronger," "compared with the lover and friends more important to us," "very important to the dignity of man" ... ... they only said the first few words, to be a continued tail all get to the bottom: "We are more rational - so we will not waste too much time on unnecessary search on", "us stronger - so we recover faster," "compared with the lover, friends we important - yes, they would help me find the next lover, "" man's dignity is very important - so we face can not withstand too long to wait "... ... All in all, the subtext is:" We must be efficient, it is requirements of society. "
To Mr Sarkozy is concerned, this lightning-like dignity of marriage is undoubtedly one of its line of fire rescue - either as a man, or a president.
Cecilia Bruni hands of both Australia and the same section of the ring, trying to hide something or they travel in Jordan, are proof. Can not deny that this private show also has its social considerations.
At a minimum, for Sarkozy's visit to the UK in March, this marriage in February as the French government said: "The time has come really." Bisakeqi the young 13-year-old Bruni looks like an updated version of Cecil Australia, with her at Windsor Castle in England and in particular about the famous royal tea, obviously is a decent thing.
In fact, the star after his wife stay at the Elysee Palace, Sarkozy's taste not only improve from Rolex to Patek Philippe, but also help nurture the palace women.
Diplomatic banquet at the Elysee Palace, Sarkozy's cabinet full of beautiful women politicians debut, just like a brilliant first lady of the momentum pressure. When will the media deliberately Corps Sabouraud beautiful woman with disgraced his country when opponents put on the same page, we suddenly found that Sarkozy win is not only a man's face, is simply a country face.

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Saturday, 04. December 2010

Husband and others to do the double yoga closely!
By life1, 04:12

Husband and others to do the double yoga closely!
My husband and mother had to practice at home, nothing to do double yoga. I have much admiration and envy hate, more importantly, can not stand him Nianglia paste together every day, especially the kind of camel-and Pisces style is like sex, like, looked really dizzy.
Mother to not happen, but physical contact is still there, They see so intimate, tacit understanding, I really swallow. Mother's chest than I have full, body better than I do, I do not believe her husband did not want to place evil, and he took me with her mother before the comparison is done.
I had this worry will be what can I say it? I would not let him practice he does not listen, I let him practice alone, he said mom likes double yoga. For example, If I let my father learn to catch you Shoubashoujiao nerve? He said well, your dad for it, he will teach you the recipe. I'm furious.
I was not athletic, and even running are lazy. Will not have the patience to sit down and stay with his practice. My personality is a natural way, like the Internet, listening to music, watching TV. Each have their own preferences, I do not oppose, the best practice can not double it? Watching father would sometimes laugh, he ignored the matter, he felt her husband was a child.
But to me, in my mind, he is a man, this should not be with her mother, has grown up, not a baby. We are 23 years old, and already married, but also smaller? This how to handle it? I am a little jealous. He and I got married just a year, They have been practicing for three years.
Friends of my advice: While I can understand your feelings, but you do have some went wrong. Yoga is the most fashionable in recent years, health, a useful exercise, with the development of modern yoga system, couples yoga gradually been more popular, it has broken the tradition of yoga that "feel", more attention share and exchange with each other. Of course, there certainly can not prevent the physical close contact with each other, more suitable for couples and couples exercises. Mother and joint training also, the key to see how to look, to know.
I think your husband and mother as you said, three years, they have a tacit agreement. In your opinion, even if the mother should also pay attention to "give and accept not pro-women and men", this view would certainly be a lot of people. However, I think that this idea should be a change in what have been the times?
My analysis, although this traditional thinking you can is not unreasonable that the woman, but had just married,Lexia 3|Nissan consult 3|Benz Star|Renault CAN Clip|benz star 2000|Toyota tester|Fly 100 Honda|x431|VCM IDS|Auto Diagnostic|Automotive Diagnostic|VAS 5054ALAUNCH X-431|Bmw GT1|diagnostic tool |auto diagnostic tools|Auto Testing Tools|Transponder Key|Alarms and Security|Auto Locksmith Tools|inpa k+can|xprog-m|upa usb|volvo vida dice

  the mother was taking up too much leisure time for you and your husband. In fact, I feel you can not stand it should be. Although you do not like sports, fitness, but mostly is not to try too, did not feel the movement of the joy and sweetness, as long as the intention to do, what will find fun.
Envy envy if you really hate, more than a hobby, let her husband himself taught you to learn, so that you practice with him, I feel naturally good, and marital relations will improve, to fully understand a mother. However, I remind you that not all good yo who vinegar, but not chaotic jealous. Women are not only beautiful and lovely, but because it pretty cute. Cheers!

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Friday, 12. November 2010

I yelled so hard unruly mother ran away from home
By life1, 03:37

I yelled so hard unruly mother ran away from home
I am a southern girl, spoiled by her family since childhood, the family would not let me worry about anything. Mom always said to me: a girl is to keep the Jingui point! Later to find a good man like my father did because as people know the pain.
Fortunately, my boyfriend is looking for such a person, what do not I do, I get a heavy rare thing, but also wordy while. Indulgent me.
He also mentioned the marriage, I agreed, really like him and want to be with him!
The only good is: her boyfriend is from the north, character, temperament is generous, especially my dear prospective mother, to say nothing and do not take into account the feelings of others first.
The first fight was six months ago, when we have been together 2 years, and the day trying to help her mother wash the dishes after dinner, because the home did not do, she looked on the use of dialect in the next curse.
She thinks I do not understand, in fact, and her boyfriend for so long with only a little, saying that ugly ah, I was tears to fall out.Renault CAN Clip|FORD VCM IDS|VCM IDS|AD 900 key programmer|benz star 2000|Toyota tester|AK500 key programmer|Fly 100 Honda|x431| My boyfriend pulled over to go, she went on cursing, I said the word did not hold back go back: You have the ability to speak Mandarin call me, do not use the dialect! Her a bit shocked to say no.
Later, our relationship will not short it was not salty ... ...
A few days before he must go back home something to eat, I was very reluctant, but still hold on to, and also try to avoid head-on collision with her. My boyfriend at the dinner table clip fish, pick out the thorns are then fed me.
Could have been between us a very unusual thing, in her view it so outrageous, she pounded his desk to the sentence: So adults have to feed it? Not own hands? I thought: is your son like that, I He was not any force, how they blame me?
Ah! Curse can to find out the object before ah. Threw gas on the spot my chopsticks left, chasing her boyfriend with me bought his ticket out and walked. Up to now did not take her phone, her boyfriend also fire, he said that did not want to let me wronged.
I really can not get along with her, and not to provoke her, she would also like to squeeze me. Boyfriend is willing to take care of me, he did not complain, why is she so positive?
I was not born to do housework, ah, ah can learn to know the curse!
Spoiled by father and mother of a young girl, somewhat fragile, and that then a harsh word, placed a strong mental capacity is not OK ah!

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Wednesday, 20. October 2010

Because unscrupulous mother to sleep, actually forced me to do abortions
By life1, 05:36

Because unscrupulous mother to sleep, actually forced me to do abortions
Honest, steady, filial piety, this is my impression that parents have of David. Every time he went to my house, almost always referred to how the hardships his mother will pull his three adult siblings. My father said that this was a dutiful child, and now the young people who go out to his mother always say it, I think this child feels right.
Approaching wedding day by day, and suddenly one day, David said to me: "My mother when a young widow, finally bringing up three of our brothers and sisters, and now she is in menopause, you may sometimes a bad mood, hope you good to her. "

Sometimes we have to sleep, because her mother could not sleep at midnight knock on our door, so David up and chat with her. Sometimes we speak in the upstairs, her mother would call him down. Sometimes I followed David in the past, but could not get, then had to listen to them embarrassed, so I stay a little longer rest on his own upstairs.

At that time, I do not think he and what is wrong with my mother. I also know that menopause is very important for a woman, but also very understanding of David, never because of this and he uttered. I am relatively strict tutor, parents in this respect I ask pricey, I think his mother are so obedient, certainly to me, not much difference. In fact, David is also tiring sometimes, because during the day to work so late at night to rest, but he has not a word of complaint.Car Ornaments|Alarms and Security|AK500 key programmer|AD 900 key programmer|benz star 2000|Toyota tester|Renault CAN Clip|Fly 100 Honda|x431|Auto Diagnostic|Automotive Diagnostic|VAS 5054A|volvo vida dice|Lexia 3|Nissan consult 3|T300 key programmer| David also told me that before marriage all he earns each month to the mother, leaving only 20 yuan their own pocket money.

Soon I was pregnant, her mother understand the Book of Changes, for our children to their families that bad, not to be. Because it was young, ignorant, to comply with the meaning of her mother, to the hospital for an abortion. I remember the first time I finished abortion, he was upstairs with me. Call him go downstairs to her mother, had never been seen before my heart felt a little aggrieved.

Later I was pregnant, her mother was that bad, and again destroyed. Now think the unthinkable, and that year's time, I actually do four abortions. Pregnancy because they do not know the last time, and eat a lot of medicine cure stomach ailments. Later, an unhealthy fear of children, had to make out. Results bleeding, almost done man. Since then, I had to reject his family. But I never show his face, and I never quarrel with them, or what the red-faced, all in all I assume.

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Wednesday, 29. September 2010

Woman's beauty and talent hard to co-exist
By life1, 11:12

Woman's beauty and talent hard to co-exist
The past, such a view, talented woman will be ugly, the girl soiled the word talent, looks are not given because the United States, instead practicing inside. I do not know since when, as a beauty writer, a label run out, the petty bourgeoisie behavior among young women of literature, as long as a human posture slightly, then slightly more Wenmo pass, then give yourself a beauty writer's name letters, to deceive hazy twilight art photo put on the cover enlarged, eyes blurred or scattered, against the background of the text may have affected them.
I never think of beauty and talent are the two things can not coexist, beautiful girl full of poetry and literature is entirely possible, poetry and painting are fine, those are not necessarily ugly of adequacy, temperament elegant.
Talented to the fear of the so-called because of appearance absent to hostile, as if the world laughs against her like, so the more ugly the more talented woman deliberately marked temperament. They are usually thin build, with yellow and black face, a little nutrition (nutritious food) bad, no smile, because she was afraid of people can not afford to see in advance the eye above the top, the person affected by the stray cat, hunched over, on end Mao, always fighting with, muscle stiffness, can not relax. Talented love this kind of back a large cloth bag, do stray San Mao-like, wearing cloth underwear Kuanpao big sleeves, his hands always inserted in the pocket to pocket to pocket without looking up.
If that looks not beautiful talented woman, Hsi regarded as one. Her poetry has been a burst of rage, the popular over the same period was also Wang Guozhen, are very beautiful poem full of rhymes. Imagine, she should be gentle and graceful lady, romantic and elegant, elegant and refined. Later, she read an essay that was a speech to the University, there is a girl after seeing her own, it is difficult to accept the fact that she was not beautiful, sorry to get back to cry. The girls also did some exaggerated hypocritical, Hsi elegant face and no tenderness of the verses stakeholders, even though disappointing, is understandable.
There is also a poet Shu Ting, who is also out of larger and poetry. Have seen in a pen at her around the ears hear the sound of surprise was issued. However, in my opinion, I met Shu Ting, did not affect my affection for its people of their poetry, a man pen away snakes, temperament from China, what is the kind of bookish intellectual powder hath not come out, even if no how the posture of tilting the country. Shu Ting is a woman people feel very comfortable, others very modest, and kind of innate atmosphere, small eyes from non Xiaomei jasper comparable canopy door.Benz Star|FORD VCM IDS|VCM IDS|MVCI TIS|D-CAN Interface|LAUNCH X-431|BMW Remote Key|Tire Pressure Monitoring System|diagnostic tool|Bmw GT1 She used to measure beauty and ugliness, really dull and boring.
Do know a woman of editing, the girl is 80, the first book, naturally excited. Contact me to discuss how to package yourself, when Ching Hing beauty writer, she also insisted on by to this may be felt than the mirror count the ranks of the writers look pleasing to the eye, and so on about the famous photographer into the studio shoot a series of photos, to say we should be placed prominently on the cover. I suggested she do so many times not only useless but also vulgar, can be immersed in the beautiful complex where she can not help, Shengkong photograph book will not last even with poor sales. To tell the truth that life and life for her photo coy affectation by a good bit, on the cover Gengrang become a good book to spread the stuff.

80 beautiful sister has not been finally fire up and work a few years had not been seen to grow, the more write more kitsch, really do not know why the original remarks to the hard work.

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Wife forced the consequences of her husband to do housework
By life1, 10:59

Wife forced the consequences of her husband to do housework
Men like to do housework is probably small, perhaps a man willing to do a lot of housework, after all, social progress, the vast majority does not rely on men support women, men do housework and also reasonable. My husband in the latter category, because ever do reasonable, he regarded as a responsibility to do housework. However, as not "like to do", so doing it is inevitable that a dislike for the ridiculous place, but men do not have to go to cover "short", the "short" is actually quite lovely.
Buy food. You must set out a list prior to him, or he bought in addition to pork or pork meat dish, vegetables and nothing more than vegetables, carrots, yellow bean sprouts. This list had to be marked on the number of Notes on the tips, such as: eggplant 3-4 root (thin, long, black), flat fish, 1 (some as small as possible.) Shown by the list, the general he will buy to meet the requirements, otherwise, he would buy a pile of leaves yellow vegetables back, one week can not finish, and said cheap enough.
Buy daily necessities. Let him buy clothes disinfectant, and he saw in the supermarket shelves marked "sterilized" two characters of the bottle, one will get down. Home to look, is applied to tableware, kitchen supplies, disinfectant, and there is bleach ingredients, only to wash white clothes. Is also a lucky hit, and once, forget the dark, light-colored clothing and wash separately, white clothes stained with the color drops a bottle of disinfectant in the water for a dip, but still white as new. So, he carried away to say that they have the foresight.
Da dust. His theory is not passed before eyes rub, so he often rubbed the place the TV screen. Under pressure, he would wipe the dust in other places, such as coffee table, dining table, however, objects on the coffee table will not move a little bit, so that fruit left around the circle of dust on the lace; dinner table can indeed see traces of cloth, but the soup stains, grain of rice it has also "stays on my own."
Da clothes. You must dark pick out another wash, he was not responsible, even if you reiterated that are printed ten thousand times less than in his mind; often forget the collar, cuffs key processing, and would rather directed at Ayutthaya You say: "Anyway, even wash the next time." Dai other, his favorite is the water drag the balcony floor, almost dragging one can do one day, the day has N times as he sat smoking, Qiaoqi his legs , looking at the distant sky, extremely comfortable. Wash the stove he was not on the grounds that: twice a year is enough. He just poured some of toilet toilet liquid only and will not be wearing rubber gloves to wipe, but also to refute your cross-examination: "toilet with pot matter?"
Cooking. Best at cooking rice, add bacon in addition, he also sugar, MSG, and known as the "secret formula", do not turn the microwave, the rice crust on the gas stove roasted blackened, because you like to eat rice crust, so He wanted to bake a little to as much as possible.
Cooking. Most will not do vegetables, cabbage is always Chaojiao yellow, summer squash is not Guadan tasteless, is the salty raspberry. 'd Be inventions, have imagined to do a "milk octopus", the process is to go fresh octopus boiled down to the milk, after strong opposition because it was not yet put into practice.
Boil water. His favorite.Car Ornaments|Auto Locksmith Tools|LAUNCH X-431|D-CAN Interface|inpa k+can|xprog-m|upa usb|Alarms and Security In order to deep red tea, he always felt in the water temperature is not enough drinking fountains. This winter, burn, can still bring warmth to the cold room, a door in summer can be hard, especially in the high temperature at 35 degrees Celsius, the most unlucky on a number of two air-conditioning machine.
In fact, it seems her husband, my family also must have taken a dislike to his place and ridiculous, men and women of the household contents and standards after all a relatively large differences, which, not for discussion of the.

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